HIRO Full Collection

HIRO Full Collection

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The finest complete set

  • All 7 of our finest brushes are specially designed to bring the best beauty experience to the community.
  • Handcrafted in Kumano, Japan.
  • 100% natural premium goat hair.

HIRO 01 Face Brush - a soft, elastic, and dense face brush of a unique candle flame shape. It can hold up a good amount of pigment and distribute loose powder evenly on the face.

HIRO 02 Cheek Brush - a silky soft and dense cheek brush that lays down powder evenly for a smooth, natural-looking glow.

HIRO 03 Highlight Brush - an angled highlight brush with ultra-soft bristles which give a gentle feel for contouring.

HIRO 04 Crease Brush - a tapered shape, medium-sized crease brush with ultra-soft bristles for effortless blending.

HIRO 05 Eyeshadow Brush - a lightweight and versatile eyeshadow brush, with a slightly tapered shape.

HIRO 06 Eyeshadow Brush - a versatile, dense but soft shading brush. It is small enough to hold a good amount of pigment into targeted areas using wiggle strokes.

HIRO 07 Pencil Brush - a pointed and precise pencil brush designed for finer work around the eyes.