Japanese Brushes (Fude) 日本化粧筆

Japan is home to high-quality artisanal calligraphy and makeup brushes known as Kumanofude, made traditionally by hand in the Kumano region in Hiroshima prefecture.

History 歴史

Historically, the penmanship tools were sold by local farmers who had travelled away for work after the rice harvest, and brought back with them calligraphy brushes and ink from larger towns to sell at home in Kumano.

During the Edo period, the brushes became so popular that they began to be produced locally, and thus the Kumano region’s brush making industry was born.

Today, Kumano is home to a number of artisanal manufacturers who craft around 80% of all domestically made brushes. The Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has officially recognized Kumanofude brush-making as a traditional craft of Japan.

Quality 品質

The level of craftsmanship of Japanese Kumanofude manufacturers is extremely high and can require up to 10 years of training. Through the years of training, Kumanofude artisans acquire the knowledge to judge quality as well as proficiency in handling animal hairs to make the brushes.

The creation of Kumano makeup brushes requires many processes, most of which are done by hand. Great attention is paid especially to the most essential part of the brush – the tip – which is always made by hand following the Kumano artisanal tradition.

Given the great care and precision in their production, Kumano brushes are known for its superior quality and durability.

Manufacturer メーカー

Kumanofude is used by internationally renowned cosmetic brands, which abide by the highest standards to support their premium brand status. Famous Japanese makeup brush manufacturers include Hakuhodo, Mizuho, Koyudo, Chikuhodo etc.

For anyone looking to purchase her first set of makeup brushes or to upgrade her makeup kit, Kumanofude makes for an excellent choice for its ease of use and effectiveness in makeup application while being delicate and gentle on the skin.