Construction of Makeup Brushes

The bristles are the action end of a brush. The “toe” is at the top and the “heel” is the end of the bristles that are secured into the ferrule. The length, softness, shape and amount of hairs in the brush are dictated by what makeup application and products the brush has been designed for.

The ferrule is usually made of metal (e.g. nickel-plated brass; aluminum) and less commonly from plastic. The bristles are held in place by the top of the ferrule, which is sometimes pinched flat, and a good dollop of glue. The bottom of the ferrule is glued to the handle too, so don’t leave your brushes in water or let the ferrule get water in it.

Handles are made from wood (coated in either varnish or paint), resin or plastic. Some handles are made from recycled or sustainable materials. The handle is where any brand logo and other information about the brush (like it’s purpose or size) is printed.